Foundation Classes [hands-on]

Cook Like A Chef

A 5 lesson course that answers the question Why does this happen?

Prepare fresh healthy meals effortlessly. We will introduce you to the best sources for cooking staples, including fresh produce, olive oils, meat, and fish. We emphasize proper culinary technique using the finest professional tools and the best ingredients.
Includes lunch.



A week long camp to learn about cooking in a professional setting

We will cover the Basics: Knife skills, cooking techniques, the principles of sanitation, safety and hygiene, introduction to tools and equipment, stocks, soups, sauces. Be prepared to learn some recipes and techniques that will turn you into the envy of your friends! Includes lunch.



Did you always want to make bread? Here is the course for you! We will start with a nice, basic-but-yummy white loaf and then add a Whole Wheat Bread, a simple sour dough loaf and everything you need to understand the reasons why bread works and why it doesn't. We will show you things to do with great, but stale bread. And best of all- you get to take your bread home with you.


APP's, TAPAS & GLASS (Demo Class)

Join us for this fun and tasty exploration of Hors D'Oeuvres, all presented in a unique and avant garde way- in glasses. Find out what is possible with only a few ingredients and a lot of creativity. Let Chef Brennan show you how to turn the contents of the door of your fridge into exciting Hors D'Oeuvres. If stunning visual presentations are your aim, this is a course for you. Class includes tastings.


Sardinia, in the Mediterranean Sea south of the Italian peninsula, is unique in its cuisine. One specialty is the yeast breads which are deftly cut with small scissors to form wreaths of fanciful flower, animal or bird designs. The delicacy and beauty of this art form will be explored in this class. You will have the chance to learn various techniques which are then combined to make the wreath. Use these wreaths to decorate for special occasions. This is a hands-on class. Bring your own pair of sharp, pointed scissors with at least a 3"blade.

Class Projects